Thursday, 18 July 2013

Graduation... and Beyond!

Cap, Gown, Upside-down Frown!
My time with Leeds Trinity has finally come to a - very formal - end! On July 15th I formally graduated
from Leeds University (due to my enrolling at Trinity before their official recognition as a University) with a BA (Hons) in Journalism. I achieved a very comfortable 2:1, and am pleased to note I scored a First in my Law module especially!

The ceremony was certainly interesting, thanks to the heatwave the UK is enduring at the moment. I donned a smart black business suit and tie, and then my black and green robes, and weathered the weather as best I could. I must praise Ede and Ravenscroft who supply the University's robe and dressing service - they were professional, well-organised, and supplied high quality gowns.

Credit also must go to the University who arranged the event to proceed promptly and with maximum provisions for the guests. My only recommendation would be for more ushers and helpers to advise the newcomers on procedure, timings and locations.

The actual ceremony was a mix of anticipated and unexpected events. The collection of the degree certificate itself went exactly as expected, but did you know a Graduand (one who has passed one's degree requirements but not been formally awarded) can choose to bow to the Awarding Officer? This information was included in an advisory to the collected graduates, and as I approached the center of the stage - and the serried ranks of my lecturers behind - I made sure to pause and bow in respect to the people who enabled me to be standing there. I suspect I was the only one.

I was also surprised to note that mortar boards are not worn at all during the conferment! Those receiving their Doctorates or other high accolades do, the Awarding Officers and various staff members do, the Ushers organising the event do, but the Graduands and Graduates themselves do not! I was surprised - and made sure I had mine to hand at least for pictures outdoors.

One very hot day and a full memory card later, and I am back at my temporary office job, still musing on the future. I have been contracted until the end of the year to cover absence and must concede I am earning more than most graduates doing so - but I run the risk of having an irrelevant degree as I pursue a middle-management career if I get used to this lifestyle...

My personal life may necessitate a move to Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 2014, so I am thinking about media opportunities in the North-East. Now, after years spent studying every aspect of journalism - television, radio, cutting-edge internet technology and of course the definitive Print - I am still contemplating which discipline to subscribe to.
Do I follow my new-found, newly taught technical aptitude and pursue work in television, specifically production and editing? Or do I stick to my inherent strength in writing and enjoyable Work Placement experience, and move into a purely features and editorial role?

Or do I listen to the sages and realize that the future of Journalism will be the multi-skilled, video, print and internet wielding news creator, aggregator and curator? The blogger with the skills of the new, and the journalist with the authority of the old? How do you carve out a place for yourself in an industry that shifts and changes shape by the day?

I started this blog as an accompaniment to my learning experience at University. Now it seems I should continue it as I learn how to be a professional.

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  1. After all the sleepless nights of studying, you’ve finally reap the fruit of your hard work. Congratulations for making it. And by the way, I like the idea of making a bow to say thank you. That seems a more sincere way of telling them how grateful you are.