Friday, 4 March 2011

Police Incident - Royal Park Road, LS6 - 3rd March 2011

A property on Royal Park Road, LS6 has received the attention of the West Yorkshire Police today.

At 9:45am, I passed two squad cars parked outside, with a WPC on the radio, and an older civilian man on his mobile.
Returning today around 3:30pm, I found the riot van pictured left, with several uniformed officers in the downstairs lounge, visible through the front door.

Also noted was the large quanity of fresh soil dumped across the pavement and road directly outside the property. Sources in the area report local residents were known to sell cannabis.

Enquiries to the West Yorkshire Police Press Office and the Hyde Park Neighbourhood Policing Team have - as of 5:00pm - unveiled no information. I hope to return to this story once I hear from them again.

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