Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Leeds Eye View

Welcome to Leeds Eye View! This blog is a new extension of the blog I've been writing on the intranet at Leeds Trinity University where I am a Journalism undergraduate. It began as a rather rambling and personal diary-cum-diatribe, but I've decided to become more disciplined about my writing, both to hone my nascent Journalistic skills and to explore the city around me.

I intend this blog to my personal commentary space, focusing mainly on media events but also being a Leeds-centric current affairs and activities journal, as well as being a test-bed for coursework and new skills.

To begin with, I'll transpose the articles I wrote about the speakers at Leeds Trinity's Journalism Week, where we have been lucky enough to enjoy talks from some of the definitive figures in modern media. I look forward to producing the work, and hearing from my readers!

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